OVS is Italy’s leading clothing brand, with a dominant market share in men’s, women’s and children’s fashion and accessories thanks to over 1000 stores in Italy and 400 stores in more than 34 countries, a footfall of 150 million visitors a year and the www.ovsfashion.com online shop.

OVS is the undisputed leader in the children’s clothing sector in Italy with a double digit market share. The target age group is 0 to 14 years with competitive prices, high-quality and carefully-selected fabrics to ensure clothes are both stylish and practical offering everyone, every day the freedom to dress with Italian style.


Promenada Mall +40 310.699.140 see map »
Ploiești Shopping City +40 344.802.163 see map »

Promenada Mall

Location: Bucharest

Mall: Promenada Mall, No. 246B Calea Floreasca, Bucharest

Phone: +40 310.699.140

Ploiești Shopping City

Location: Ploiești

Mall: Ploiești Shopping City, Blejoi village, Pravoha county, DN1, km6

Phone: +40 344.802.163